Mission Statement

Hautspot envisions a wireless universe with limitless boundaries and expanded horizons unfettered by the wired world. Wherever wireless connectivity improves quality of life, adds value to the end user, or resolves what would otherwise be unsolvable, Hautspot prevails. With burgeoning budgets and escalating schedules, Hautspot accentuates the need to remain committed to flexible network architecture and deployment calendars.

"Outside the Box" thinking is Hautspot's hallmark. Where other hotspot or hotzone providers may remain at a loss for ideas, Hautspot looks beyond the surface of the problem to develop a functional solution for its client.

Please feel free to peruse our site. You may find our technology page of interest, and please review what we offer.


From time to time, Hautspot may seek qualified individuals to fill positions in sales, operations, and engineering related areas. Please see our jobs listing page for details.