Central Control Server


Sputnik Control Center’s secure, web-based interface is used to remotely configure AP's, create custom branded captive portal pages, track usage, enforce network policies, generate reports, and bill for access.

Sputnik Control Center’s flexible design allows for the operation of free or paid hotspot or hotzones. A single Sputnik Control Center server is capable of managing anywhere from one to hundreds of Sputnik-powered APs.

Some hotspot providers have chosen to store their hotspot configuration, network policies, firewall rules, and user account data locally in the AP itself, instead of in a secure, remote location. In fact, several hardware manufacturers now provide AP's which are touted as "a hotspot in a box". Don't be fooled! AP's are subject to the same physical risks as other CPE (customer premises equipment) - (dropping, breakage, theft, vandalism, power surges, etc.), meaning your valuable client data and hotspot statistical information - as well as its entire software configuration - is at risk.

Hautspot's installation of Sputnik's Central Control software runs on a dedicated server in our network operations center, connected to the internet over a resilient and robust broadband link with sufficient battery backup power to run the server and related communications equipment for hours in the event of a blackout condition impacting our facility. Remote monitoring of the server and related equipment means that access to important server statistics and control is no farther away than an internet connection. Regular backups are written to tape, and archival copies are taken off-site for disaster recovery contingencies. Finally, the Central Control server itself is protected by a dedicated firewall appliance, further ensuring the security of important client data.

Hautspot's AP's and gateway devices are simple appliances by comparison, which may be easily replaced by quickly-provisioned replacements, and upgraded as technology advances - all without disturbing your historical data or user database in any way. In this way, the CPE is merely a conduit for data., and not a repository left in an insecure environment.