Captive Portal


The captive portal technique forces an HTTP client on a network to see a special web page (usually for authentication purposes) before surfing the Internet normally. This is done by intercepting all HTTP traffic, regardless of address, until the user is allowed to exit the portal. You will see captive portals in use at most Wi-Fi hotspots. It can be used to control wired access (e.g. apartment houses, business centers, "open" Ethernet jacks) as well.

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Hautspot employs captive portal technology from Sputnik to present WLAN users with an authentication page in their web browsers. If desired by the hotspot venue, new users may click on a link on the captive portal page to create a new account for themselves. In addition, graphics, text, specials, and targeted ads may be scripted into the captive portal page, making the authentication process truly a business introduction for the wireless user.

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