Custom Package

We offer customized services for sites that do not fit into a particular package. Our design team will create a Wi-Fi hotspot that suits your environment, with any number of access points and custom antennas. It could be indoors…outdoors …virtually anywhere Wi-Fi access is desired…we will provide a solution. Potential candidates for custom service include:

Botanical Gardens
Shopping Malls
Boats & Marinas
Golf Courses
Sports Facilities
Zoos and museums
Auto Dealerships/Businesses
Professional Offices
Gas Stations
Truck Stops
Housing Complexes
Commercial Buildings
Corporate Campuses
Mobile Home Parks
Commercially Leased Common Areas
Visitor Based Networks (VBN)

Contact us to set up an appointment for a site survey and quotation for design and deployment, as well as monthly maintenance services. Turnkey (non-Hautspot-managed) solutions are available, as well.