What we offer

Hotspot clients:

Wi-Fi site survey
Aid and facilitate broadband service (Cable, DSL, etc.) ordering if necessary
Wi-Fi hardware: managed gateway/router
Hautspot branding - a recognized name and industry leader
Marketing and promotional materials
Word-of-mouth referrals from and between Hautspot users
A community of users in a grass roots organization who meet both online and live
Wi-Fi Zone membership (multiple directory listings and cross-marketing opportunities)

6-month minimum term of service
1-year standard term of service

Broadband connectivity support (9:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST Monday-Friday)

Hautspot.net Secure Email clients:

128-bit SSL access via POP3 & IMAP over standard and alternate ports
128-bit SSL access to SMTP over standard and alternate ports
Spam & malware scanning
Personal web portal to access your spamtrap and manage your whitelist
much, much more...

Internet kiosk machines:

Stable, secure workstation solutions to provide your patrons with easy wireless access
1-year hardware warranty & software upgrades
Full details available here