Internet kiosk


For users visiting your venue without portable computers, we offer a modern workstation as an internet kiosk. Standard features of this system include:

Contemporary black matte finish locking case
Currently available system board and Intel processor
19" LCD, in matching black
Black 107-key keyboard
Black optical mouse
Tamper-resistant, malware-resistant, virus-resistant openSUSE Linux or ArcaOS operating system
Mozilla Firefox web browser
Java VM
Application for viewing Adobe pdf files (Adobe Reader, Lucide, GIMP, GhostView, etc.)
OpenOffice office suite
Wireless networking adapter (users will still authenticate via the same captive portal interface)
Quality stereo headphones
Uninterruptible power supply / surge suppressor
1-year warranty and software upgrades
Available extended hardware warranty and software maintenance

Contact us for current pricing, detailed specifications, and customization requests


Intel, openSUSE, Linux, ArcaOS, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe, Acrobat, Java, and OpenOffice are all trademarks of their respective owners.