SuSE Linux using SCPM (System Configuration Profile Management)


  • Set up a new profile for this Hautspot venue:
  1. Click on Start / System / YaST2 and log in as root.
  2. Click on "System" in the left pane of the window. Double-click on "Profile Manager."
  3. In the "General Setup" box at the bottom of the window, make sure SCPM is enabled, if not, click "Options" to enable SCPM.
  • The simplest configuration is to select the "Network Only" resource set. This will only save network configuration information from one profile to the next. Other more complicated configurations are possible; consult the man and info pages for more information.
  1. In the "Profile management" box, click "Add" to create a new profile based on the existing configuration.
  2. The "Special Profile settings" window will then open. Fill in the name (Hautspot venue) and description fields.
  3. In the "System Configuration Profile Management" screen, select the new profile and click "Switch to..."
  4. You may have to click "OK" to confirm the switch of profiles.
  5. Click "Close" to close the SCPM window.
  • Now modify the current Hautspot wireless network configuration:
  1. Click on "Network Devices" in the left pane of the YaST2 window and double-click "Network Card."
  2. Configure your wireless network card in the top pane if it is not already configured. Make sure you define it as a wireless card.
  • If you define the card from scratch, you'll encounter the same steps listed below.

3.  In the bottom pane click "Change...", select the wireless device in the next window, and click "Edit;" the "Network
address setup" screen is displayed.
4.  Click "Automatic address setup (via DHCP)."
5.  In the "Detailed settings" pane.

  1. Click "Hardware Details;" the manual network card configuration is displayed.
  2. Click "Wireless settings."
  3. Change the "Operating mode" to "Automatic" (or "Managed" - either will work).
  4. Set the ESSID to the SSID of your Hautspot venue (ask an attendant if unsure).
  5. Set the NWID to the SSID of your Hautspot venue (ask an attendant if unsure).
  6. Click "OK", "OK" on the next screen, and finally, "Finish."
  • Open your web browser.

Open a browser window. If you normally have a blank window (i.e., no homepage or other initial remote page), select any website. You will automatically be directed to the Hautspot portal.

  • Log in.

If you already have a Hautspot (or partner network) account, simply enter your username and password and click Login. If not, click the sign up button on the portal page (if available) and complete the necessary fields to create an account, and click Request Account, purchase a plan from the available button, or request a pre-authorized code from the venue. Remember that by logging into a Hautspot network, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our terms of acceptable use (viewable from the portal page).

  • Play!

Once you have completed the login process, feel free to browse the web, download files, transfer email...whatever you like. For secure transactions, however, you should consider using a VPN connection to your office.

  • Log off.

First disconnect any VPN connections you may have established. Next, simply close any other internet-connected applications you may have open, including your web browser. Goodbye!

+ - System Configuration Profile Management is part of YaST2, up through openSuSE 11.2, and should be at least version 0.9.1-34.