Hotspot vs Hotzone


Hotspots are locations with public wireless access points where you can connect your mobile computers (such as a laptop or a PDA) to the Internet, using standard WLAN (Wi-Fi) technology. Most new laptops come with adaptors [sic] built in, and on some hotspot locations it is even possible to borrow a PCMCIA adaptor [sic].

Hotspots are often found near restaurants, train stations, airports, cafés, libraries and other public places.

A commercial hotspot may feature:

However, many hotspots are open and free for use, either set up by the public or by a commercial enterprise hoping to use it to attract customers.

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Hautspot provides all of the above features - and more. Venues may purchase "loaner" hardware from us at substantial savings over retail or even other discount supply houses, and may even purchase inventory for resale to their customers. In fact, through Hautspot's strategic alliances, almost any technology gear may be purchased at or below wholesale.

A hot zone [or hotzone] is a wireless access area created by multiple hot spots located in close proximity to each other. [...]

Within the United States, hot zones range from downtown core area networks to networked areas covering hundreds of square miles. Cook County, Illinois (where Chicago is located) recently received authorization for a county-wide hot zone that, when complete, will cover 940 square miles.

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Hautspot, using WDS technology, can turn a group of smaller hotspots into a hotzone, all managed by our central control server. Wireless clients may roam freely between access points, much as cellular users roam between towers while talking. Large outdoor areas, large indoor areas, and even disparate locatioins within a metropolitan area or on a college campus can all be integrated into one logical hotzone using Hautspot engineering, deployment, and management services.